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The Birth and Development of ORIENTECH


ORIENTECH was founded in 2008 by an experienced engineering team who wanted to make better audio solutions for mobile, marine, and recreational applications. At the beginning of the 21st century, the high-efficiency digital circuit design was still new to the audio industry. They noticed the scarcity of the advanced digital circuit and moved fast to launch the brand ORIENTECH. They devoted themselves to digital circuit design. The out-of-the-ordinary circuit topology and cosmetics gained a reputation for this new company in quite a short period.


The cutting-edge of ORIENTECH has always been the extraordinary engineering capability. We've got many prototype amplifiers that are highly efficient, compact, small, low THD, and easy to install. To move further, we customize those outstanding designs for every customer by communicating intensively over the product specifications, heatsink design, and installing environment. This way, we grow faster than our competitors competing over the cost.


Without angel investors, all the achievements are all down to the excellence and the pioneering of the product. ORIENTECH factory moved twice in its first three years to expand production capacity. He moved into a new factory again in his 12 years, 2020. Now we are one of the major suppliers of audio equipment in the 12/24 volt industry, providing OEM/ODM products to over 30 countries worldwide, including some of the top brands in North America and Europe


Under the policy of "Live on quality and develop with innovations," ORIENTECH continues to invest in all kinds of resources. We have an ERP system, ISO quality control system, and test equipment to ensure quality, such as drop, sault & fog, IPX6/IP67, vibration, and UV tests. We work with engineers with over 20 years of experience to meet high-quality standards and bring more original designs. We strive to lead the market trend rather than follow it.


Thanks to our staff's effort, we can bring the product from a napkin sketch to the real world, overseas, and to millions of consumers. ORIENTECH aims to help people improve their way of enjoying themselves in various environments, either at home, in a car, or in outdoor activities.



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